Secure funding for your career while retaining ownership of your music

Our Mission

Get Funding.
Stay in Control.
Keep Ownership.

Our mission is to help independent artists have the money to grow their careers and compete with the big players.We've created this fund in partnership with our investors to put our money where our mouth is.

Why Us

3 Reasons Why Artists Love us


Keep ownership of your music

Retain ownership of all other income, including publishing, touring, merchandise, sync etc


Higher Royalties

Traditional labels take about 80%, leaving you with only 20%. With us, you get the lion's share of the revenue.


Get Your Funds Fast

We can release the funds within 10 days of joining.

No Hidden Costs

Labels often add marketing, video, and other costs to your unrecouped balance, making it almost impossible to recoup and get out of the deal.The amount you owe will never go up.

You're The Boss

Choose how to spend every dollar we advance. From production to marketing to helping cover rent.You decide how the money is spent and your distribution partner.No need to wait for mutual agreements on the music or marketing

Why Choose
Stable Fewture?

Fairness: We offer higher royalties and no hidden costs.Freedom: Retain ownership of your music and income.Flexibility: Choose how to spend your advance and select distribution partners that fit your unique needs.Fast Funding: We can release funds within 10 days from joining.

A New Era of Funding

In a world where artists have the freedom to distribute their music globally without a traditional label, it's only fair that they should also be able to get the funding they need without selling their soul.Stable Fewture is pioneering this new era.We provide the financial support you need without the restrictive contracts, hidden costs, and loss of ownership associated with traditional record labels.

Take Control of Your Future

Are you ready to elevate your career without sacrificing your soul? Apply for funding with Stable Fewture and start a journey where you’re in control.

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